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#1 Business Management Tool
#1 Business Management Tool
#1 Business Management Tool

Boost your business
Like never before

We provides you with user management functionality that results in faster development and revenue.

Olqan will help you to increase your revenue.

Olqan will help you to increase your revenue.

We provide you with a full management functionality that results in more revenue and clients.

Features you'll love
Leads Mangement

Take charge of your leads!

Track, prioritize, and manage incoming leads by getting all the information in one place. Then utilize powerful analytics to make informed decisions and convert those leads into paying clients.

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Client management

Client management made easy!

Organize, sort, and track client information in a single place to know what’s happening. See project progress and manage revisions like a pro. Communicate with your clients in real time to make them fully satisfied.

Hr management

Make your HR woes a thing of the past!

Make your HR woes a thing of the past! Automate all your HR tasks to attract and retain top talent fast. Mark attendance, manage leaves, set holiday reminders, and effortlessly coordinate across departments. An increase in productivity is guaranteed.

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Work management

Get projects done without stress!

Stay organized by keeping a close eye on your next contracts and projects. Customize workflows per your unique needs to get more done in less time. Complete your important business tasks on time, every time.

Finances Mangement

Manage your finances your way!

Simplify your finances by taking a 360-degree overview of your expenses and direction of cash flow. Get paid faster with professional-looking invoices and say goodbye to delayed payments, compliance issues, and receipt errors for good.

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Product management

Product information at your fingertips!

Store all the relevant information on the product stock, availability, and pricing in one place and be in control of everything when the sales happen. With a done-for-you product portal, staying ahead of the demand won’t be difficult.

Tickets Mangement

Boost clients' satisfaction with reliable support!

Help your clients with their needs in real time and solve their issues instantly. Olqan’s innovative support feature prioritizes tickets based on the nature of problems and lets you give each query the attention it deserves, so you have nothing but satisfied clients.

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Events management

Navigate your events with ease!

Plan, organize, and master your schedule ahead and never worry about surprises again. This unique feature synchronizes your events with your business activities, enabling you to maximize your time without wasting it

Messages Mangement

Power up internal communication to succeed!

Keep everyone on the same page by connecting with staff members, project managers, and workers. OLQAN has a built-in, easy-to-use chat messenger businesses can use to share the right information at the right time with the right people.

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Notice Board management

Keep everyone in the loop!

Instantly update all your workers on what’s happening inside your company and inspire them to do more. Whether it’s an upcoming meeting, sales event, promotion, or policy change, you can notify everyone in no time.

Reports Mangement

See data in action!

Make better decision with insightful, data-driven reports that uncover what’s working and what’s not. From finance, income, and expense to attendance, leave, and task reports, you’ll get detailed insights into every aspect of your business.

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Complexity Free‏
Unlock your business’s true potential

Organizing your business jobs is complex and time-consuming. In your effort to juggle between different tasks, you end up losing productivity and impacting your growth.

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